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    • What happens if you don’t maintain or repair your roof?
    • When you neglect to repair and maintain your roof, leaks, mold, and pests increase energy bill costs and decrease property value. If your roof becomes damaged over time due to exposure to the elements, a breach can occur which allows water to enter, saturating the building's construction and leading to mold growth. Moreover, holes or damage that require repairing can let air escape and cause increased energy costs. Ignoring upkeep on your roof can result in minor fixes becoming costly ones; as well as reduce the value of the property. If a complete replacement is required, buyers will likely use it as leverage to obtain a discounted rate
    • When should you replace your roof?
    • Exterior signs that your roof may need replacing include damaged tiles; if your roof is over 20 and showing its age through weathering or drooping sections; wear and tear around vents, skylights, and chimneys; as well as moss, mold, or fungi growth. Cracked, rotting, buckling, torn, missing, worn, curled shingles or loose tiles are a sure sign it's time for a replacement. Your roof may need to be replaced if you notice signs of trapped moisture such as rotting boards or sagging spots.
    • What size and type of solar panel system will you need?
    • It all boils down to your daily and seasonal power needs. Consider the list of items you desire to run such as lights, a water pump, TV, etc and we factor in the local climate, latitude, and solar insolation level. Our solar power recommendations are more accurate when we have as much information as possible on what you use electricity for. We will recommend the best solar panel system that meets those needs.
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    The team at Superior Classic was great! I asked for a quote on my flat roof through Home Adviser and they were the first to respond. The sales rep Billy ...
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    Troy and his team are extremely knowledgeable about the whole construction process. They are very meticulous and really care about their work. I would definitely recommend them!
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